Packard Motor Car Co. Historical Collection

2013.049.474Digitization of our extensive Packard Motor Car Company Collection is underway, with the assistance of students from Wayne State University’s School of Library and Information Science. This collection was “established to create a permanent tribute to this Company, which was so much a part of Detroit’s and America’s industrial past.” The photographic collection consists of thousands of unique views into the company’s history, including studio shots, technical drawings, promotional materials, images of Packard automobiles across the world, and the company’s presence in Detroit and surrounding areas, not to mention the well known Packard Automotive Plant and Packard Proving Grounds.

Frank S. Nichols, Packard Motor Car Co. sales associate from Boston

Frank S. Nichols, Packard Motor Car Co. sales associate from Boston

In the coming weeks, blog entries by each of the participating students will be published here, highlighting just some of the interesting stories brought to life by the collection. In addition, due to the large size of the collection and the lack of information associated with some of the photographs, we invite you to please help us improve the experience of fellow visitors by sharing your knowledge of Packard history. This includes identifying models of automobiles, locations, or any contextual information. With your help, we can fulfill the collection’s “potential to become one of the most significant tributes ever created to honor a single automotive marque.”

2 thoughts on “Packard Motor Car Co. Historical Collection

  1. Mr. Krieger, I work with a team of volunteers at the Packard Proving Grounds digitizing thousands of images taken by Packard Photographic. To date we have digitized over 5,000 photographs with many more to go. The stores behind many of these photos are very interesting. The Packard Motor Company was a very important asset to the nation and to the local community. The Proving Grounds is very much alive and well due to the efforts of countless volunteers.

    I would like to invite you out to the Proving Grounds for a tour of the facility and further conversation about you activity in the photo department at Packard. Please contact me.

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